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Farber Hass Hurley LLP

Private Equity

Private Equity

Farber Hass Hurley LLP provides a wide range of services for Private Equity Investors. We assist investors in determining the integrity and value of their investment. Often the story appears too good to resist but the underlying financial exposure can cripple that investment. We support the deal by offering various due diligence services and on-going monitoring of the investment.

We have an experienced team that can evaluate the proposed transaction both on a financial statement impact and develop a tax strategy to maintain potential NOLs and credits when available. We can perform an overview of the operations and financial reporting or we can conduct an in-depth due diligence investigation to identify potential pitfalls that may come from the transaction. Some of the services we provide our clients are:

  • Quality of Earnings

  • Financial Statement Reviews

  • In-depth due diligence examinations

  • Pro Forma financial statements

  • Purchase Price analysis

  • Tax strategies on structure of purchase or investment

  • Forensic investigation

  • Litigation support on accounting practices and disclosures